Welcome again to the home of Easy Healthy Recipes on Budget & Easy Healthy dessert on Budget, Today i will guide you how to make “Zesty Lemon Loaf”. I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful.
Don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious healthy recipe is easy to make and i walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it!

  • “mona” : This recipe turned out GREAT. The loaf pans should be 9×5. I used 8×4 pans and used the extra batter for cupcakes. For one loaf I added poppyseeds and the other half I add partially thawed mango. I just furthur cubed the large frozen mango cubes that I had partially thawed (hard frozen mango is impossible to chop). I used ammaretto instead of orange liqueur and used sour cream thinned out with milk for the buttermilk I didn’t have. The lemon glaze on top adds alot of sparkle to the loaves. Thanks for the great recipe!!
  • “vanesa” : Absolutely delicious! Exactly what I was looking for. I think its very close to a pound cake consistancy. Very versitale, I had to make changes since I didn’t have all the ingredients. Didn’t have orange liquer so I used lemon juice instead. Used ground ginger and added it to the wet ingredients. I reduced the lemon juice in the icing, and added milk. Powder sugar was probably what was intended when listed as “white” sugar. Excellent cake! Light ginger taste goes very well will the zesty lemon.
  • “melissa” : I made this for a pot luck as a dessert. I dressed it up with crystalized grpaes and tangerines…so nice! My husband told me it was the best cake as it is not too sweet or tart…just right. Others have asked me for the recipe, so I say it is a winner! Easy to make and it stays fresh for days.
  • “baricat” : Simple to put together and as darned near close to perfect as can be created! I was aiming for maximum lemon flavor without using the glaze, so in place of Grand Marnier I used limoncello, which was right on target. This isn’t what I’d describe as a true pound cake, which follows the 1:1:1 ratio (one pound each flour, sugar and eggs, with no leavening,) either in ingredients or texture. The crumb is far more delicate, and it’s more airy than a traditional pound cake. It’s actually a very refined, complex product. What it does share in common with a pound cake is how moist it is. Because of the baking powder, the moistness is there, with no trace of heaviness. Because I’m diabetic, I skipped the additional sugar that the glaze would have added, and it was never missed. The result was full of fresh lemon flavor. If you have limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur (I always keep a bottle in the freezer. Makes a fabulous summer aperatif!) I heartily recommend using it in place of the Grand Marnier, which although most likely delicious too, lends an orange flavor. I aimed to underscore, not distract from, the lemony taste. Topped the cake with home made strawberry ice cream, and it was a dessert fit to make Escoffier weep!!
  • “sarah” : I decided to make this an orange pound loaf by substituting the lemon zest and juice with orange zest and juice, and omitted the ground ginger entirely. I also substituted orange juice in making the glaze. This worked out very nicely.
  • “cathy” : I goofed the first couple of times and used regular white sugar not confectioners sugar; the clear glaze soaked into the loaf. Then wrapping it with plastic wrap allowed the loaf to absorb the sweet glaze. Still have not added the Grand Marnier because I thought it was too much to pay for 2 tbsp of flavor. Now that I’ve made the recipe at least a dozen times I wish I had tried the liquor. I will use powdered sugar and the liquor next. But always end up making more loafs to use up the buttermilk. I like the consistency when in a 9″ rather than 8″ pan. The best part is serving it with a lemon gelato and fresh blueberries and raspberries!

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