Welcome again to the home of Easy Healthy Recipes on Budget & Easy Healthy dessert on Budget, Today i will guide you how to make “Healthy Berry and Spinach Smoothie”. I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful.
Don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious healthy recipe is easy to make and i walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it!

  • “nani” : I did make some changes based more on what I had available. I used raspberry yogurt instead of plain and coconut water instead of the oj. I use a nutri bullet vs a blender so my quantities were 2/3 cup berries and upped to 2/3 cup spinach and probably more like 8 strawberries. Initially I did the 1/2 cup of the coconut water but I added more later along with protein powder for extra goodness. Nice recipe for covering the spinach for kiddos. Nice simple recipe for on the go as well!
  • “elizabeth” : This smoothie came out good. The taste of the orange juice threw my taste buds off though. To make it great next time I will take out the orange juice and add coconut milk instead. Also I added more spinach due to it being my favorite vegetable.
  • “alison” : This is a great healthy recipe… loved by the kids too. You can easily swap out berries for whatever berries you have on hand. Your kids won’t taste the spinach. I made it with 1.25 cups of spinach because I love it. I recommend pureeing the spinach first with the OJ. I used Greek yogurt and added vanilla extract and a tough of honey to add a little sweetness. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing!
  • “mary” : Delicious smoothie! I made it with strawberry greek yogurt, added a cup of spinach, and a scoop of organic greens! Really tasty 🙂
  • “denice” : Love it and my young daughter doesn’t suspect the spinach being in it. I did add a banana and a little bit of ice. Very tasty.
  • “ashley” : My 9 year old just slurped this one down without even taking the straw out of his mouth! I added a little more OJ because it was getting stuck in my Vita-mix, but it turned out delicious and a beautiful color too.

So HOW TO MAKE THIS TASTY RECIPE? don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious homemade recipe is easy to make and walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it on the next page!

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