Welcome again to the home of Easy Healthy Recipes on Budget & Easy Healthy dessert on Budget, Today i will guide you how to make “Breakfast Sausage Casserole”. I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful.
Don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious healthy recipe is easy to make and i walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it!

  • “jeni” : This recipe is super easy to make and super tasty. I used low-fat Miracle Whip, Light sour cream, and Turkey smoked sausage. I left out the onion. I added a few more tablespoons of Miracle Whip than it called for because I thought it would be too dry otherwise. I also added an 8 oz bag of cheese on top. I used a fairly large bowl, but it was hard to stir. So I ended up spooning it into the pan and stirring it that way. I didn’t think it was quite done at 45 minutes, so I put it on 5 more minutes. This recipe was so easy and delicious! My parents and I all loved it. Will definitely be making this again.
  • “sarah” : My boyfriend is a really big, muscular guy so sometimes it’s hard to find recipes that he’s able to feel satisifed with. This was a really great one because we were able to exchange the sausage with buffalo spicy sausage and it was just as good! We also cut the miracle whip and sour cream (fat free) in half and put in a can of cheese soup. When we used the buffalo, since it’s leaner, we had to up the sour cream and miracle whip. We really loved this recipe and I would recomend it to anyone
  • “kim” : I’m not a fan of miracle whip or sour cream, so I used real mayo and only 1/2 cup of the sour cream. Also, it didn’t really heat through with it covered in foil, so I had to take it off and keep it in the oven for a while longer. With all the changes, it turned out PERFECT! Even the left-overs were eaten (and that rarely ever happens at my house). I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone.
  • “natacha” : I used cubed hash brown potatoes instead of shredded, then added broccoli, green pepper, garlic, and sun dried tomatoes. I also added sharp cheddar cheese in the mix as well as on top of the casserole. Cheese is definitely a must have ingridient. It turned out to be an easy and delicious weekday dinner. I will make it again.
  • “nayla” : This receipe was soooooooo delicious; however, I added a couple of extras to it based on the feedback I read here. For the seasoning I added salt, garlic powder (instead of onion) and pepper to taste and what’s better to go with potatoes than CHEESE! I used 1 package of shredded sharp cheese. I will definitely be making this again!
  • “lora” : My whole family liked this recipe, especially my husband. It’s got a nice spicy kick to it. I followed everyone’s advice and put in 1/2 a cup of mayo and then about a cup of sour cream, then I added some garlic salt as well as onions and cheddar cheese. It tasted great- will totally make again.

So HOW TO MAKE THIS TASTY RECIPE? don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious homemade recipe is easy to make and walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it on the next page!

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