Green Chili and Cheese Chicken

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Welcome again to the home of Healthy Recipes & list of dishes, Today i will guide you how to make “Green Chili and Cheese Chicken” I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful.
As usual after that i maked this “Green Chili and Cheese Chicken” i send it first to all of my followers on My Pinterest Account to try it first and these was some of their rich reviews, opinions, suggestions and great recommendations:

  • “dina” : GREAT FLAVOR!!!! Followed the recipe exact but because I grated to much cheese and bought the wrong size can of green chilies I had extra so I just threw it on top!!! I did brown the chicken before I placed in oven to give it better color. Will make again and again!!
  • “brenda” : This was incredibly delicious! To those who say this is bland it must be your fajita seasoning. I recommend making your own. Instead of stuffing the chicken because I always seem to cut too far and halve it I just soaked the chicken in olive oil then tossed the chicken in a bowl of fajita seasoning. I topped the chicken with diced green chilies and pepper jack/mozzarella cheese. Baked for about 25-30 minutes at three-fiddy. Thanks so much for posting this wonderful dinner idea!! My husband loves it!:)
  • “mary” : I thought it was pretty good. Since I was very lazy this day I didn’t make the little pocket..I just put the green chilis on top of the chicken and then covered it in cheese. It was great. The cheese was nice and crispy. The only thing I wasn’t too much a fan of was the fajita seasoning. I think it would be better with my everyday seasonings.
  • “lisa” : We loved this recipe soooo much flavor yet so simple. We used boneless/skinless chicken thighs and because we’re lazy we just baked the seasoned thighs with the chiles spread on top and then threw the cheese on top for the last 10 minutes of baking. We are eating this once a week now!
  • “ashley” : This was wonderful! However I did make a change because I didn’t have any pepperjack cheese. I had bagged grated parmasen cheese so I used it mixed with some drained and chopped bannana peppers still used the green chili peppers too. I also had to cook it for about 45 minutes but I think it’s my oven temp that’s not set right. This will become a regular dish at our house.
  • “julie” : Super flavorful and easy. I didn’t have the canned green chilis so I sautéed fresh green chilis garlic and green onion. Fabulous. But I want to try the canned chilis next time. Bet they’re even better. Thank you for this recipe!

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