20 Makeup Tips and Beauty Tips for Older Women

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Lately have you gotten bored of your normal look? Have you often wondered where the glow you had when you were younger disappeared to and you really want it back?

Good for you, the internet is here to help you. There are millions of makeup and beauty tips shared by professionals to help you. You can begin with this our 20 beauty hacks and tricks.

1. Your Mascara Can Be Used as Uour Eyeliner:

Your eyeliner pencil is finished, your gel has turned to dust and your liquid eyeliner is dried up or maybe you are on the road and you just can’t find your eyeliner. You are with mascara, and then you are in luck. Push your mascara brush into the tube; bring it out, transfer the little blob that follows the brush out to any surface. Dip your fine pointed brush in it and draw a thin line on your eye lids. A thick one might come out uneven.

2. Forget the Powder

When we were younger, we went for powder because we were trying to control the oil on our faces and prevent shine. The truth is in every day regular settings, powder does more harm than good in the long run. It can be aging and powder often settles into fine lines and wrinkles after being on the face for a while. In the end, it draws attention to the flaws we want hidden. Setting spray is a better option. There are formulas to prevent shine and make the foundation last. Replace powder brushes and bronzers with cream formulas. They do not highlight wrinkles.

3. Contour Your Lips

Lips naturally become thinner as we get older so you can increase the size by contouring your lips. Marilyn Monroe used this tip. To do this, you need a liner and a lipstick with same shades together with a concealer and a lipstick few shades lighter than the first. Line your lips just a little bit above your lip line, draw lines going towards the center of your mouth. Use the darker shade of lipstick to apply to the outer half of your lips, fill in the center with the lighter shade. Use a brush to blend the two shades. Use the concealer to define the edge and clean up any stray lipstick

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