15 Beauty Tips to Look Your Best for Christmas

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Amid the hustle and bustle of planning the perfect holiday season, looking your best becomes increasingly important to many of us. After all, the perfect party needs a hostess who looks the part. Looking your best is not only a matter of style. It helps you hold poise throughout the many challenges which the festive season brings, lifting confidence levels by helping you feel more yourself despite the chaos. Here’s 15 beauty tips to look your best for Christmas so that you’re fully prepared, feeling & looking great.

1. Proper Skin Preparation

Use a body and facial scrub every day for at least a week before Christmas. In just a few days you’ll be rewarded with a smoother, brighter complexion. Perform this treatment daily and you’ll help your other products absorb easier as well.

2. Be Daring

Christmas is the time to be bold and daring. Try new shades of lipstick or eye shadow. Find out the fuss behind glitter or pick something that stands out. If there is something that you wanted to try all year this is the time to be fun and try new things.

3. Highlighting Works Wonderfully

Highlighting makeup is perfect for this time of year. Use highlighters to lift your shadows. Apply a line delicately to the edge of your nose and atop your cheekbones for a definitive look. From powders to cream highlighters, find the type that works best for you. Once you find the right highlighting or strobing product your complexion will glow.

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