12 Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Daily

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How many of you know someone with cancer or have they fought the disease themselves? It is almost impossible to find someone who has not touched this disease in one way or another. Unfortunately, cancer treatment these days is quite serious. Some of the most common treatments, such as chemotherapy, come with a wide range of serious side effects, which make them almost as serious as cancer. Despite saying that it is understandable to try to avoid cancer. While you probably know you should not smoke, I bet many of you did not know that the food you eat can put you at risk for cancer. Let’s take a look at the six foods that are meant to increase your risk of developing cancer.

1. Farmed Fish

Source : biznews.com

Many people consume fish because it is considered healthy. Some fish are contaminated with heavy metals, while salmon farming is contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and various types of cancer. This is because their unnatural diet is being fed. About 60 percent of salmon are grown in the market. Then, when the culture fish lives in the crowd, there are 30 times more sea lice than wild salmon.

2. Processed Meat

Source : drcarney.com

You can prepare lunch for a super easy and convenient lunch, but you may want to think about switching to something more natural. Processed meats include lunch meat, hot dogs and even bacon. These meats contain many preservatives and are often contaminated with a known carcinogen, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during production.

3. Canned Food

Source : recipes.howstuffworks.com

It seems that canned foods are dangerous like other foods. Most canned foods contain an inner layer in which there is bisphenol-A, also known as BPA. These BPAs have been shown to increase the risk of developing many types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

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